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Places to Find Textbook Solutions

Best Places to Find Textbook Solutions

There are several online textbook solution providers who offer step-by-step solutions for textbooks in a preferred format, which includes all necessary explanations, interactive elements, graphs, diagrams, and tables. Before discussing the top places to find textbook solutions, check out the key benefits of online textbook solutions. Here are a few: 

  • The solutions are comprehensive and easy-to-understand solutions that leave no room for doubt.
  • The solution eliminates unwanted double-checks and is error-free.
  • Makes proper use of the latest technology and a range of software to deliver visually rich, ready-to-use textbook solutions.

Places to Find Textbook Solutions Online 

Below are the top online textbook solutions providers as well as their features and USPs:

Solution Manuals

Solution manuals that are printed offer one significant advantage over the majority of digital alternatives. This is because they are written and published by the same professionals who are directly involved in writing textbooks. In addition, students seeking homework help might consider printed solution manuals as “safer” alternatives to any other solutions available for revision. 

Is there a downside? Public access to solution manuals is not always possible since publishers usually release them only to schools, although the great news is that you can still find solution manuals online. All you need to know is where to look online.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study covers more than 9,000 books with more than 21 million textbook solutions. For subjects like science, math, and engineering, you can find detailed, step-by-step solutions by searching for your book by title or ISBN. Apart from that, Chegg Study lets you review solutions for five textbooks a month online or via Android and iOS apps. If you need additional help with your homework, you can also get up to 20 questions answered by experts every month.


Slader provides answers to nearly 3 million homework problems, covering subjects like math, science, social sciences, foreign languages, and literature. Aside from textbook solutions, Slader allows you to ask questions and get answers from subject experts – though there’s no guarantee you’ll receive a response. Although you can get access to many textbook solutions for free, you must subscribe to access unlimited expert-verified textbook solutions. Besides, subscribers can also download one-sheets, which provide comprehensive textbook solutions in one printable document.

Course Hero

Over 1,000 textbooks are covered by Course Hero, which has verified solutions for subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, accounting, math, and psychology. Unlike other platforms, this one allows users to solve problems on their own before viewing solutions. As a result, you can extensively work through problems step-by-step and check your answers. 

As you navigate through the solutions, you can find hints and videos that will help you learn. Moreover, students can submit study resources on Course Hero, including course notes, study guides, literature infographics, and tutor questions.


Schools often promote Barnes & Noble-owned Bartleby, another resource that lets you search for step-by-step answers by textbook, chapter, section, and question number. In addition to instant tutoring and writing help, Bartleby provides grammar and plagiarism checking tools, as well as formatting citations. Hence, the platform can surely assist students with clarifying any doubts and reaching their full learning potential. 


Over 3.7 million homework answers and many expert-led videos are available on OneClass. In fact, the platform makes it possible for students to collaborate and share their own lecture notes and study guides. More than 3 million students participate in this community-driven service to submit and rate textbook solutions. Additionally, it provides class notes, study guides, “booster” courses, and document tracking services.

Crazy For Study

In addition to providing step-by-step solutions, Crazy For Study claims to offer solutions for more than 50 million textbooks, including those in business, engineering, math, science, law, and social science. Moreover, CFS also offers 24/7 subject-expert homework help and essay writing services. According to its website, Crazy For Study offers a “best price guarantee,” but it doesn’t provide details. Nevertheless, it is one of the most affordable custom textbook solution platforms.


On ScholarOn, you can find solutions for more than 300,000 textbook problems. The first three solutions are offered for free, so you can sample the material before you purchase. Besides textbook solutions, ScholarOn provides 24/7 live help with your homework, writing services, study documents, and flashcards. Moreover, a unique feature of ScholarOn is its pricing model, which offers one-day and three-day passes alongside monthly subscriptions and long-term memberships.

Today, you can find homework answers for specific textbooks by using book solution websites, apps, and manuals. Most provide step-by-step instructions so you can learn while you solve problems. While these resources can help students save time and improve their grades, they must not be abused. 

A trusted textbook solutions platform can provide your educational institution and students with relevant content on time, at the right price, within budget, in both print and digital formats. All you need to do is search for your textbook with title, edition, author, or ISBN, and you will find reliable solutions. 


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