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Challenges in Education System: PJ Caposey interview

PJ Caposey is a superintendent at district Meridian CUSD 223 in Illinois. He is a keynote speaker and an educational leader. PJ became a principal when he was just 28 and, within three years, PJ was able to lead a small-town/rural school that was historically achieving near the bottom of its county to multiple national […]

STEM Education as a Comprehensive Tool of Development

STEM Education tools

STEM Education is lately gaining a lot of steam and for all the right reasons. The basic core of STEM means a strand in the academic track that focuses on multidisciplinary subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. But lately, STEM Education is emerging as a cohesive platform that applies approach and offers learning experiences […]

Adult Learning Theory: Its Need and Impact

Adult Education

When one hears the word “education,” what comes to mind? Children in a classroom, high schoolers passing by their lockers, or a teacher reading books to little children are all likely possibilities. Whenever one thinks about schools and learning, it is easy to neglect adult education. Adult education, on the other hand, occurs on a […]

Ways To Boost Your E-Learning Course

E-Learning Course

To boost their training efforts, more and more companies are replacing conventional instructor-led training (ILT) programs with e-Learning courses. The advantages of e-Learning include cost-effectiveness, just-in-time instruction, and quicker delivery speeds, to name a few. It is important, however, that learners are exposed to the shift in a systematic manner during the transition from ILT […]

Universal Design for Learning: A Practical Guide

Universal Design for Learning

Everyone is different, or, to put it another way, everyone learns differently, is a clear truism. So why are educators so adamant on establishing uniform teaching methods? This is because they can’t feasibly cater to everyone’s learning style. Therefore, they aim for the broadest conceivable structure in the hopes that everyone would benefit at least […]

Tips for Creating Effective Assessments

Tips for Creating Effective Assessments

Our article on Formative vs Summative Assessment gives a brief introduction of the two most commonly used types of assessments and that on Top 7 Assessment Tools for Teachers talks about some some useful tools for teachers to create effective assessments. But conducting assessments requires much more than this. There are a variety of formal […]

8 Tips to Set-Up a Blended Learning Classroom

Tips to Set-Up a Blended Learning Classroom

Blended Learning or Hybrid Learning is a modified teaching and learning method employed in modern classrooms. The blend of traditional and online teaching brings out the best in students and encourages participation in learning. Whether it is Flipped Classroom, Project-Based Learning, or any other type of blended learning, this teaching methodology works best to promote interactive […]

Blended Learning Explained: Definition, Models, & More

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a teaching technique that amalgamates the effective teaching methodologies of traditional learning and eLearning. It brings endless possibilities to the table for every individual with the help of technology. It has been proven to be effective in yielding better results and efficient fulfillment of learning objectives. This article delves deeper into the […]

Project-Based Learning as a New Tool for Learning

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning is a teaching technique that engages learners in exploring real-world problems while applying their learning. It is turning into a new tool of learning in this rapidly growing dynamic world. It amalgamates the current scenario with the learning objectives of a lesson in the classroom. The methodology aims at creating a pseudo world […]

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Impact of AI on Education and Looking into the Future of Education: 2024