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Doodling: An Innovative and Effective Way of Teaching

Academic Benefits of Doodling

We all used to doodle when we were in school. Cartoon faces, birds with crests of all kinds, elegant butterflies, and leaf forms were among the images that adorned the margins of our notebooks. These automatically made long lectures seem more entertaining. Sketching happy faces, hearts, and a variety of shapes in the margins of […]

Online Teaching V/S Traditional Teaching

Online Teaching V/S Traditional Teaching

The word “college” can conjure up images of students lounging in dorm rooms or cramming into massive lecture halls for classes. However, as technology allows for more and more ways to learn, the representation is becoming increasingly out-of-date. Indeed, online teaching for overall learning has gradually increased in popularity among university students, but does that […]

Online Learning over Traditional Learning

Online Learning over Traditional Learning

‘Online learning or traditional learning’ is an ever-growing conflict among educationists. While some prefer traditional learning in the brick-mortar vicinity, others vouch for the new day’s online learning. Weighing the pros and cons of both mediums is important to understand which one is a better way of imparting knowledge in today’s fast-pacing world. As discussed […]

Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning

Online Learning vs Traditional Learning

Online and traditional learning are two modes of learning that are often weighed against each other. Learning through the medium of the internet without the proper assistance of a teacher in real-time is known as online learning. Traditional learning refers to imparting education in institutions with teachers and students interacting in real-time. Learning has become […]

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Impact of AI on Education and Looking into the Future of Education: 2024