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It has never been better than today to be involved in the ed-tech space. The learners and institutions have realized the growth potential of this sector with comprehensive technologies, innovative learning styles and systems, institutional transformations, and so on.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the market size of global ed-tech and classrooms was valued at USD 88.82 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase to USD 319.65 billion by 2029. This growth forecast is exceptional.

Throughout the world, States and institutions are investing heavily in educational infrastructure to leverage the holistic potential of the sector. Technology advancement has eased education delivery, curriculum development, and assignment/homework management.

Distance learning has improved with technology integration and has helped students in remote areas to access course knowledge. Ed-tech is helping learners and educators consummate the real purpose of education.

Today, with the inundation of ideas due to the increased usage of artificial intelligence in education, the ed-tech space will only advance. It will look forward to an improved learning experience where customized learning will break the gaps of teacher-student interaction, curriculum management will be an easy task and whatnot. 

Education is one of the spaces where technology is vastly and amicably accepted and implemented. 

With investors brewing their thoughts to invest in education, this industry is brimming to expand in a blink of an eye. 


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