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Interactive Courses: Tips to Create E-Learning Courses

Interactive Courses

eLearning, also known as the modern way of learning, refers to imparting education via electronic media that goes beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom. Its wide outreach makes it a more convenient and resourceful way of learning. However, with the growing demand for eLearning courses, instructional designers must use interactive elements to make […]

E-Learning Resources for College Students

E-Learning Resources

The burgeoning online learning trend gives way to endless learning opportunities. Anyone from school, university, or even the working professionals can learn with the help of various e-learning courses available on the Internet. All it requires is the knowledge of certain eLearning resources to access these courses/lessons. But how to find these resources? To make […]

eLearning Styles: An Introduction

E-Learning Styles: An Introduction

As our previous blog described, eLearning uses various electronic resources and technology to deliver lessons/courses. It is one of the best ways to address the learning needs of a large group of learners at the same time. But different learners have different eLearning styles. This is so because every learner follows a distinct pattern of learning. […]

Gamification in eLearning- Scope & Development (Part-2)

EdTech Company

Gamification works on the foundation of applying game mechanics and design to non-gaming contexts, such as learning, with the objective of providing a more fun and engaging experience in conventional contexts. Gamification in eLearning is a futuristic approach that fosters experiential learning and gives the learners an interactive and engaging learning experience. In Part-I of […]

Gamification in eLearning

Gamification in eLearning

Gamification in eLearning brings forth the element of fun in the learning process. With the changing trends in the domain of education, gamification in eLearning is emerging as an extremely effective training tool for learning. We have already discussed the meaning and significance of gamifying the learning process in our previous article on Gamification. In […]

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Impact of AI on Education and Looking into the Future of Education: 2024