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Guidelines for the Guest Speakers

Best Practices based on past experiences with our audiences

Table of Contents:

  1. Pre-webinar/Interview guidelines
  2. PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines:
  3. For the webinar/interview speakers:
  4. Webinar and Ed-Insights Interview Format:

Pre-webinar/Interview Guidelines:

  1. Please complete the speaker information form to submit a short bio and headshot (recommended size: minimum 500×500 px). We need your information to help us introduce you to our attendees and audiences.
  2. In the “Remarks” section, you can mention any requirements from your side, and we will be happy to get in touch with you to discuss the same.

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines:

In case the speakers wish to present their thoughts through a presentation, we request them to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Restrict the slides to no more than 5, please.
  2. Use interesting ways to illustrate your points with images rather than just text.
  3. Kindly use only one complex graphic (a pie chart, a bar graph, etc.) per slide and ensure it is readable.
  4. Cite your sources if any information is obtained from secondary sources.
  5. If you plan on using a video during your presentation, please let us know so we can discuss how to incorporate it.
  6. Please be brief in your presentation speech to avoid stepping on the time of other panelists.

For the Webinar/Interview Speakers:

The invitation will be sent to your email address prior to the webinar. The webinars are usually conducted through Zoom, but we will let you know in advance if any other platform is used.

We request that our speakers consider the following guidelines:

  1. Kindly speak clearly with small pauses to better understand and enable smooth post-production editing.
  2. Make sure you log into the webinar at least 10 minutes before the start time.
  3. Test your microphone, video camera, and internet speed before logging in.
  4. Finish speaking about the slide before switching slides.
  5. Press mute when not speaking—every noise comes through.
  6. Keep an eye on the chat box for any comments from Evelyn’s staff.
  7. Use a neutral tone, and do not use any controversial statements or statements for which there is no clear evidence.
  8. Use of coarse language is prohibited.
  9. Please share exciting thoughts and ideas that engage the audience and benefit them.
  10. The webinar will be recorded and shared on the website and YouTube, so please avoid sharing confidential information during the webinar or interview.

Webinar and Ed-Insights Interview Format:


  1. Evelyn’s staff will open the call when the webinar begins. This will include a welcome to the webinar and the introduction of the hosts. The hosts will then introduce the session and the speakers before passing it off to the first speaker. After the speakers finish their remarks, the hosts will open the Q&A session. Once the Q&A session is complete, the hosts will take questions from the audience, if any.

Note: We would share the Q&A questions with the speakers prior to the discussion to help them get their thoughts together and prepare for the discussion.

Ed-Insights Interview

The speaker will be given questions before the interview to help them prepare for the topics and analyse their answers before going on the recording. This holds for webinar guest speakers and Ed-Insights interview speakers.

The interview would be short—at most 15-20 minutes—and the interviewer would ask only 3–4 questions.

Please keep in mind that the questions would be shared with the speakers at least one day before the interaction to help them prepare. 

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