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Descriptive Writing: Introduction and Examples

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Descriptive writing, the simplest form of writing, refers to using sensory details to write about a topic or subject. It is also one of the most widely adopted forms of writing. Every piece of writing includes some text that is descriptive in nature. This style of writing is useful for providing descriptions of people, places, […]

Academic Content Writing

Academic Content Writing

Writing helps people communicate with each other. It lets people share their ideas, thoughts and feelings with other people. Writing has been with humanity for several thousand years. It is an outcome of the development of the human civilization and the first ever means to “record” human communication. It has evolved and grown from a […]

Delving Deep into the Visual Learning Style and Its Applications

Visual Learning

Visual learning style is one of the most widely known styles of learning. The learners with this style of learning are visual learners. They have strong visual perception and visual memory. Such learners are less likely to retain information presented to them through other forms such as auditory processes or interpersonal interaction. Images, pictures, graphs, […]

Technology-Enhanced Questions Explained and Its Importance

Technology has made a profound impact on education. Every aspect of education- teaching, learning, pedagogy, curriculum, examinations, assessments, research, infrastructure, etc.- has undergone a transformation. Technology now integrates with each of these aspects of education. Some visible impacts of technology on education are the availability of digital learning content, conduction of online assessments, round-the-clock internet […]

Designing Effective Multiple-Choice Questions

Designing Effective Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-Choice Questions are the ones that require the students to choose the correct answer from the many (3 or 4) alternatives provided. These kinds of questions do not expect the students to elaborate on the topic learned in lengthy paragraphs but apply the learned concept to deduce the correct answer.  A good MCQ-based assessment comprises […]

What is Bloom’s Taxonomy? Definition, Details and Application

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a learning framework which was originally developed in 1956, and it has been applied widely by educationists in developing teaching and learning methodologies and has evolved dynamically over the course. Bloom’s Taxonomy broadly categorizes human learning into six hierarchical levels: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, and Create. From elementary learning to advanced […]

An Introduction to Plagiarism


Plagiarism refers to the act of presenting the original work from some creator as your own without duly acknowledging the creator. The ambit of creative work includes an idea, text, data, drawings, or work in any format (print or digital) which is original. Plagiarism is against the very basic principles of ethics and is reflective […]

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Impact of AI on Education and Looking into the Future of Education: 2024