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Curriculum Development Models

Curriculum Development Models

Curriculum development is a step-by-step procedure for making constructive changes to a school’s, college’s, or university’s course offerings. School courses must incorporate new findings as the world continues to evolve. Educators are continually developing new teaching techniques and strategies in order to improve the student learning experience. As a result, a college or university must […]

Preparing For The LSAT – Law School Admission

The prospect of practicing law in the United States is likely to excite many students. This is because it is fascinating, straightforward, and demanding. However, in order to get there, they must first attend law school. In addition, if they want to prepare for a career as a hotshot lawyer in the United States, they […]

What is SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and How Does it Help Students?

What is SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and How Does it Help Students?

People with good socio-emotional abilities are better equipped to deal with daily problems and achieve academic, career, and social success. The process of acquiring self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are necessary for school, work, and life success is known as social emotional learning (SEL). These abilities may be taught and developed at any age, […]

Stealth Assessment: Meaning, Principles, Design And Model

Stealth Assessment

Stealth Assessment, as the name implies, is a covert method of evaluating student competency through the use of digital video games. The natural creativity and talents of students and young people have long fascinated artificial intelligence and modern technology. They have developed a slew of tests and assessments to examine and measure these attributes and […]

Confirmative Evaluation: Meaning, Scope, Purpose And Model

Confirmative Evaluation

Confirmative evaluation is the integration of evaluation and continuous improvement. Misanchuk pioneered confirmative evaluation of educational resources for learners around twenty four years ago, in 1997, as a logical next step after formative and summative evaluation. With the influence of the quality movement on evaluation, educators and physical therapists are starting to understand that “quality […]

Flashcards As A Teaching Tool

Flashcards A Teaching Tool

In this age of short attention spans, flashcards as a teaching tool are ideal for memory retention. Simply put, a flashcard is a piece of paper with a cue or tip on one side and a corresponding response on the other. A question, a picture, or even just one word can be used as a […]

Content Editing: An Itemized Breakdown Of Its Meaning And Levels

Content editing

Content editing entails examining a piece of writing to determine whether it is effective, coherent, and understandable. It focuses on the entire conceptual intent, content, organization, and literary style of the piece. On behalf of a customer, writer, or company, a content editor publishes a piece of writing online.  Editors oversee the final stage of […]

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